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Each assignment that echobox undertakes presents distinct challenges and demands a tailored approach, as well as a unique solution. Nevertheless, certain principles characterise echobox’s approach to client service:

  • Fast: Top-management problems demand rapid answers, and echobox thrives on delivering against tight deadlines. Our strategic advisory expertise ensures that we ask the right questions, while our problem-solving experience gets us quickly to the right answers.
  • Rigorous: Speed and rigour are not mutually exclusive. While experience guides our analysis, facts shape our recommendations. Echobox offers its clients the same level of analytical rigour as any "blue chip" strategic consultancy.
  • stopwatchCollaborative: Echobox works at the client site, with client executives, full time. Our approach is highly iterative, and actively seeks client input at regular stages throughout the assignment.
  • Low profile: Engaging a consulting firm can be disruptive, and echobox minimizes this by building a one-on-one counselling relationship with a senior advisor, rather than deploying a large (and junior) consulting team.
  • Finite: Echobox does not seek to entrench itself at its clients, but actively seeks to transfer skills to the client team. We take their confidence in implementing recommendations without extensive ongoing support as a mark of a collaborative relationship.

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